US State Government Funding – Grants & Vendor Opportunities

State Nuances

State government is one of the most important sources of funding for non-profits of all kinds. There are two ways to view state funding opportunities. First, states issue RFAs soliciting grant applications in a fashion similar to what the federal government does. In fact, a non-profit is more likely to receive direct funding from a state agency than the federal government Much of the money that flows to state governments is directly from the federal government for the purpose of distributing the money to local entities. This means that all the intricate financial accounting required when obtaining direct federal government money remains the same in accepting state money. State government agencies are audited by the federal government and likewise state auditors re­view the financial records of local non-profits receiving funding from them.

The best first step is to search for grant opportunities from state government agencies that most likely have a purpose which aligns with the non-profit’s mission. However, state web sites are often quite confusing and it can be difficult to find a listing of state agencies. Also grant opportunities are sometimes listed as part of a state’s procurement programs so it takes some time to maneu­ver through the site to find useful grant information.

Become a Government Vendor

Second, state governments offer extensive contracting and bidding opportunities that are available to non-profits beyond what is offered through the state grants system. This is a neglected source of potential revenue. Non-profit organizations should actively seek to learn more about the contract and bidding opportunities in the states where they operate. Non-profits think of government contracting opportunities as paving roads and repairing bridges but bids are ‘let’ for services such as conducting surveys, providing after school tutoring, mentoring, etc. As more state and local governments decide to privatize traditional government services, new opportunities have arisen for non-profits to compete for contracts. In addition, governmental and quasi government agencies such as historical commissions, housing authorities, water boards also offer grant and vendor opportunities.

Listing by State of official state web sites, state agency information links and vendor opportunity links-

Listing by State of official state web sites, state agency information links and vendor opportunity links

Alabama (Alabama Agency and Organization Listing)

Division of Procurement, Department of Finance

Vendor Registration

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

Alaska (My Government)

Department of Administration, General Services

DBE Program

Arizona (State agencies Directory –

Department of Administration resoruces.asp

ProcureAZ eProcurement System

DBE Program

Arkansas (State Directory)

Department of Finance and Administration

Vendor Services

DBE Program


Procurement Division

Contracts Register

Small Business & DVBE services – small business/disabled vets (state program)

DBE Program

Colorado (State Agencies)

Department of Personnel & Administration

Vendor Registration

DBE Program

Connecticut (State Agencies –

Department of Administrative Services PurchHome/Busopp.asp

Contracting Portal to search for Bid/RFP solicitations, contract home.asp

Minority & Small Business Set-Aside Program (state program)

Delaware (List of Agencies –

Government Support Services

Office of Minority & Women Business Enterprise (state program)

DBE Program


Florida (Find an Agency)

Florida Purchasing Division operations/state purchasing

Florida Office of Supplier Diversity (state program) programs/office of supplier diveristy osd/

DBE Program

Georgia (Agencies)

Department of Administrative Services

Vendor Registration

Minority Business Enterprise Certification (state program)

DBE Program

Hawaii (Agencies)

State Procurement Office

Hawaii State & County Procurement Notices

DBE Program

Idaho (Agency & Topic Index

Department of Administration

Vendor Registration

DBE Program

Illinois (State Agencies –

Sell 2 Illinois – Business Registration

Small Business Set-Aside Program (state program) Businesses.htm

DBE Program

Indiana (Find an Agency)

Department of Administration

Minority & Women’s Business Enterprise (state program)

Iowa (Agencies – Skip to Content – Department Listing)

Iowa Business and Regulatory Assistance Network

Vendor Registration reg.html

Targeted Small Business (SB) Certification Program (state program)

DBE Program eeoaa.htm


Department of Administration

Vendor Registration

DBE Program


Kentucky eProcurement

Vendor Registration

DBE Program


Procurement & Vendor Information Business With the State/

Vendor Registration

DBE Program


Procurement & Vendor Information

DBE Program


eMaryland Marketplace

Vendor Registration

Small Business Reserve Program (state program)

DBE Program


Procurement & Access Information System

State Office Minority & Women Business Assistance (state program)


Buy Michigan First


Minnesota Materials Management Division

Vendor Registration

Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged (TG/ED) Small Business Program (state program)

DBE Program


Mississippi Electronic Portal Government Contracts

DBE Program


Office of Administration Division of Purchasing & Material Management

Office of Supplier & Workforce Diversity (state program)


General Services Division Procurement & Vendor Information

DBE Program


Administrative Services- Materiel/Purchasing Division

DBE Program


Department of Administration – Purchasing Division

DBE Program

New Hampshire

Department of Administrative Services – Vendor Resource Center

New Jersey

Department of the Treasury – Division of Purchase & Property

Vendor Registration

Minority & Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) Certification (state program)

DBE Program

New Mexico

General Services Administration – Purchasing Division

DBE Program

New York

New York

Office of General Services – Procurement Services

Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise Program (state program)

North Carolina

eProcurement Services

Vendor Registration

DBE Program

North Dakota

Procurement Office

Vendor Registration

DBE Program


State Procurement

Minority & Small Business Certification (state program)

DBE Program


Department of Central services Purchasing/index.html

Vendor Registration Purchasing/Vendor Registration/index.html

DBE Program


Department of Administrative Services – Procurement Office

Minority, Women & Emerging Small Business Programs (state program)

DBE Program program.shtml


Department of General Services

Rhode Island

Procurement & Vendor Information

Small Business Enterprise Services (state program)

South Carolina

Procurement & Vendor Information

Small & Minority Business Enterprise Program (state program)

DBE Program quarterly.shtml

South Dakota

Office of Procurement Management – Procurement & Vendor Information info.htm

DBE Program


Department of General Services Purchasing Division

Diversity Business Enterprise Program (state program)

DBE Program


State Purchasing & Vendor Information

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

DBE Program outreach/dbe.htm


Department of Administrative Services – Purchasing &Vendor Information


Business & Vendor Information

DBE Program


Total e-Procurement Solution

Department of Minority Business (DMBE) Program (state program)

Washington State

Access – Business & Vendor information

Vendor Registration start.aspx

State Office of Minority & Women’s Business Enterprise (state program)

West Virginia

Purchasing Division

DBE Program


Bureau of Procurement

Certification Central (WISCert Central) for small, disadvantaged, minority, women and veteran (SDMWV) program)

DBE Program


Administration & Information – General Services Division

businesses (state