Is Writing a Book worth the Time and Effort?

Is writing a book worth the time and effort? For some, yes. For others, it is an absolute no. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your book. If you are just trying to find one more way to make money, there is no reason for you to put in the extra time writing a book.


However, if you’re a writer who hopes to release a collection of stories or even a novel, then you will want to give writing a shot. Even if you have never written a word in your life, writing can be a very rewarding experience. A writer’s block doesn’t occur because a writer isn’t willing to write. It happens just the same way a driver has a bad day.


If you’re a writer, there’s no such thing as writer’s block. There are several reasons why a writer could experience a lapse in creativity, but the main reason behind the lapse is usually due to stress. Stress, whether emotional, mental or physical, can affect every aspect of your life. When you’re writing a book, you are using your body and mind in a creative process that requires focus and concentration. If you’re not into writing but you still feel as though you need to get your work out there in the world, remember that you can always take a break and wait to feel better.

person holding ballpoint pen writing on notebook

Some writers start writing a book but stop when they run out of ideas or when the story takes shape. There is no reason why you shouldn’t write for a while, especially if you’re just getting started. Remember, a book isn’t a work of art, just as music isn’t a collection of sound bites. Both of those things take time. In addition to the quality of the work, the length of time that you spend on writing will have a direct impact on the overall quality of your work.


Most of us at some point have said that we wish that we could just “write” a book. That would free up a lot of time for us to actually do something productive with our lives. A writer’s block is much more serious than a writer’s inability to come up with a story. You can’t rewrite your life – if you do that, you’ll end up just being stressed out about everything. The only way to truly be creative while working on a book is to let your mind go.


Writing a book is a time-consuming process. When you’re writing a book, you may wonder if it’s worth it. This is completely up to you. Do what you want to do. If you think you would like to spend your time doing other things than writing, then by all means do that.